Feature: Turn to the experts in wellness

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Be inspired by Melissa’s Instagram


Sometimes we all need a little help to stay on track, so knowing when and where to ask can be quite useful.

Even the absolute experts in wellness turn to others for a little #inspo. Melissa Ambrosini is an Australian woman on a powerful mission to help her fellow females step up their wellbeing game… but even she has a support network!

To start making healthy choices for your mind and body, you need a web of knowledge. Start making your web with Melissa’s article on the experts she turns to for health and wellness advice.


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Melissa learns from #movenourishbelieve activist, Lorna Jane Clarkson


Use this amazing article to link yourself to Melissa’s personal favourite ‘go-to’ experts, including the wholefood queen herself, Soulla Chamberlain from Star Anise Organic Wholefoods. You can read about Soulla in our post about creating trick treats for kids.

Follow Melissa on Twitter and Facebook to connect with her and her partners in wellbeing.


“Loving yourself is no longer taboo” – Melissa Ambrosini

Be inspired…

xo Justbe23


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