How moods can make you skinny

Our thoughts can inspire powerful workouts.

Moods are feelings, feelings are emotions, and emotions are good… right? Tell that to your waistline and complexion after stress binging on that block of chocolate… or after pity eating your way so far through a tub of ice cream that you might as well just finish it.

Feeling frustrated, flat or anxious leaves you in a dangerous zone where quick ‘pick-me-ups’ can look more attractive than Mr Gosling himself. BUT feeling ‘some type of way’ can actually be the key to an amazingly satisfying workout.

Matching the way we feel with the right level intensity workout is more important than you might think. Our emotions are very powerful and can often control a situation. By channelling them into physical exercise you’ll be achieving the most out of your kick-ass workout!

I have taken the liberty of matching some common feelings with the most suitable workouts (and playlists to pair with of course!)…

Feeling wild? 

1. Frustrated/angry?

Your workout: Try some intense cardio with sets of boxing and skipping. Nothing fuels a good bag-work session better than frustration.

Empowering tracks to match:

2. Tired/flat?

Your workout: Give interval training a go. Get your heart rate up with a fast jog and then walk briskly for 30 seconds-1 minute. Fresh air and moderate exercise always picks you up.

Upbeat tracks to match:

3. Stressed/anxious?

Your workout: Roll out your mat and downward-dog away. A 15-30 minute session of yoga and stretching is perfect for calming a busy mind.

Zen tracks to match:

So if you play your cards right, moods really can help you achieve vitality. By regularly practicing these ‘mood method’ workouts you will also discover that being aware of your emotions in the moment is crucial to achieving a state of wellbeing.

Get Moving!                      

xo Justbe23


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